Monday, March 22, 2010

Flower Headband and Fun Kiddo Pictures!

I'm lucky enough to live in Southern California and we have been experiencing amazing weather lately! We are talking like 80 degrees! I know... I'm spoiled! One of the things I love about this weather is it makes for great pictures! I thought I would share some pic of my kiddos today, and show off Marley's new headband.

Heres Ava sporting her Kaiya Eve skirt! My Mom got this one for her, and I adore it! I know Martha Stewart had a tutorial for it, but I can't find it!!! 

more to come this week... hopefully some fun baby skirts for The Queen Bee Market!



Show and Tell Green


  1. This is the tutorial you are referring to I believe.

  2. Cute girls! My nieces would love that skirt!