Thursday, March 17, 2011

Farmer's Market Pros and Cons

I have recently set a goal of trying to make it out of the house in the morning and then staying home in the afternoon. My hope is that this helps with Marley's schedule... she's a bit of a monster when it comes to sleeping. So this morning we were up and out at 9am!!!! We have a local mid-week farmer's market, which is super nice because it gives us something to do during the week. So I strapped Penny into the Ergo (best baby purchase!) and placed Marley in the stroller (mistake #1) and off we went!

If you know Marley, then you know that 1. She doesn't sit still AT ALLL. 2. She LOVES food. So this resulted in 1 fall and several escapes to attack the samples. Then I felt bad that my toddler was eating all the food and guilted myself into purchasing from more than I would have liked to. What started as a free fun outing ended up costing me more than the produce at the store would have :(
That being said, I am a huge supported of buying locally, so I guess that wasn't so bad.
This was my first "issue."

The second thing that bothered me was the craft vendors. Most of the vendors there were selling pre-fabricated merchandise. Stuff that was bought in bulk and shipped from China. This is not handmade! It made me sad that one of the places where handmade has thrived is being taken over by this type of industry! A tear was shed for the handmade community today... not literally, but figuratively...

Overall I would give the Farmer's Market experience a 7... Its more fun when I have back-up :)

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  1. We spend way too much at the farmer's market, too. It's just so fun, though! And if you think having a toddler grab samples is embarrassing, try having your dog JUMP ON THE TABLE! I died.

    Do you read They're always complaining about the Etsy sellers who are actually selling stuff from China. The site's a LITTLE mean, but it makes me laugh. :)