Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fit for a Birthday!

So here's the project that kept me busy last week ( hence the lack of posting!). I was asked to make a custom dress and banner for a first birthday party! I was able to snag a couple photos of the finished products before they were picked up, but it was late and they were taken indoors, so the quality isn't great, but hopefully I will have better pictures soon.
Isn't the fabric for the dress amazing! I fell in love with the fabric, I mean, who doesn't love Amy Butlers fabric anyways, and pictures never do it justice! It came in the mail, and I DIED!
Here's a little peek at the owl I appliqued on the bottom, per request. The ribbon is a little in the way, but you can still get the gist. 

Now Part 2! The Banner! This turned out to be a bigger endeavour than I predicted, but I was super happy with the outcome!
I made the banner from craft felt. It has three layers, the back triangle, the front triangle and the letters. Each triangle is about 81/2" by 81/2". The smaller one is about 1/2" less... maybe a bit more. The middle circle between the words is done in fabric that matched the dress, and attached by velcro. It can be replaced with a plain red circle, or really anything made from felt! This way it can be made to fit the party, since it will be reused. The triangles are strung together using quilter's bias tape. I will be adding these to my etsy shop shortly for custom orders if you don't feel up to making your own! Also, the dresses are available for custom orders as usual, by e-mail me your requests!

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  1. Adorable. Love the fabrics, love how things came together. Great job!

  2. that dress is so cute! i love the fabric too~!

  3. I am featuring this on my blog tomorrow! Thanks for linking up! Come grab my featured button!