Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a day in mom-ville

just a glimpse... for your entertainment!

7 am, Marley is up for good ( she has been up 5 times since I put her to bed at 8:30)
7:15, I get hushed by Ava, who has been in my bed since about 4 am... "shh mom, be quiet.... I'm sleeping!"
7:30, rush to make my dish for MOPS (yes, I procrastinate) Monkey Bread by the Pioneer Woman (amazing!)
get kids dressed... throw myself together..
8:30 ( I have to leave in 15 min), take MB out of oven
8:45 (time to go), pour MB out and realized its not cooked !!! AHHHHHH throw it back in the oven
I leave my house 15 mins late carrying a bunt cake pan with oven mitts .... walk into MOPS with oven mitts! Yes, it just came out of the oven!
LOVE MOPS, 21/2 hrs of no kids :)
11:30, Ava throws a temper tantrum in the hallway leaving MOPS... yep, thats my kid screaming... no, not sure why
12:00, lunch for Ava
12:30, wipe poop off the bathroom wall, she's 4 1/2... those poor Kindergarten teachers... they don't know what they have coming
12:45, Marley and I cuddle and I attempt to watch part of The Bachelor
1:30, Ava comes down stairs stating that she has "taken a short but good nap"... I retort, she asks for "options"
2:00, clearly nap time is not happening
2:30, Marley is playing quietly, and then I discover that she has a glass heart (marble sized in her mouth), I knew it was too good to be true!
2:45, realized that the reason my baby monitor won't charge is because our new dog has chewed through the cord! joey!!!!!
4:00, I realized that I didn't put on the mascara that I had planned to put on in the car this morning :(

and the day goes on...

You don't get a full day, only half, maybe I will follow up tomorrow with the rest! Wish me peace :) ( I Love my life!)

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  1. Sounds like a crazy morning! I enjoyed getting to know you at the meetup on Monday and I love your website. I look forward to placing an order. BTW- How much do you charge to make a dress? similar to the one in your previous post. Thanks, Brittney