Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finished Friday Extended!

Didn't quite make it yesterday to showing off my latest finish project, so I will show off today! I really wanted to share my newest baby skirt design, which desperately needs a name (hint hint... HELP!) but I have lost my camera battery charger... typical. I also spent several hours last night making tutus for The Queen Bee Market! Those pictures will have to wait until I find the charger as well.So today I will share a felt banner I recently made as a special order off etsy. This customer wanted a 50 foot banner to decorate her patio for her son's first birthday, and a mini matching banner for his high chair! (how cute is that!) She chose dark blue, light blue, and orange. I really loved the way the colors came together. The orange and light blue combo is my favourite.

I'm thinking of making this the tutorial for Tuesday... what do you think?


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