Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have returned! I promise never to leave for that long again... barring emergency of course! I've had a crazy couple of weeks and blogging has taken a back seat. First the long awaited Queen Bee Market was a huge success! The set-up was amazing, and so many people came out to support all of the amazing vendors. There's talk of a Fall one, so if you missed this one, you have to check out the next one. I seriously could have bought every item there! It was definitely my most profitable craft event I have done, and I have a good idea now of what people are looking for. The Stella outfit was a hit, along with my new skirt pattern that I forgot to take a picture of!!!!! (tragic!) All in all I was thrilled, and am now moving on to my next goal of trying to get into some local boutiques.... any suggestions?

Next was my Sister-in-Law's Bridal Shower. I will be posting on this soon, but I will give you a little sneak peek! It was wonderful! She looked beautiful, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Up next is Marley's First Birthday in about two weeks, so soon you will see all my preparations for that. At least my absence is yielding fruit... it wasn't all for nothing!

Also... I will have a whole series on building our yard... and my GARDEN whooo hoo!!!!!

Lots to come!

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  1. Okay...longest comment ever, I know but I have to comment on everything. : )

    You were missed, just saying BUT I am SO glad to hear you are so busy!!

    I cant wait to see more pictures of the bridal shower. Those cupcakes are ADORABLE!

    Umm...I can't believe Marley is already approaching her first birthday!!! WHAT?!?! And I cant wait to hear all about it!

    YAY FOR A GARDEN!!! Cant wait to see!! : )