Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back From Summer "Vacation"

I apologize for my long absence, but I took a much needed "vacation" from blogging and sewing. I am back now, refreshed and ready to roll! The good news is, I did not stop creating, and have plenty of pictures to share!
I am also thrilled to announce that we are expecting our third baby girl, Penelope Ruth, due January 7th! This was the main reason for my absence, due to morning sickness and the joys of early pregnancy! Now I am almost 16 weeks and have passed the hard part... for now.

Here's what the next moth should hold in store for my blogging adventures:
War on Ants!- Yes, we have an ant problem. If you live in California you have an ant problem... the key is figuring out how to deal with them naturally.... and successfully.
Veggie Garden Show Off
Birthday Parties
New sewing projects for The Queen Bee Market (Nov 12th)

and more...

So for now, hello again and goodbye! We have a trip to the fabric store to get to!


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  1. Yay!!! I'm SO excited you're back! I missed your blog!