Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's Get Organized!

Not you... Me... and well, I need to get organized in more ways than I care to share, but I'm specifically talking blog wise. Up until now this blog has been a place for me to post my projects and occasionally spout off on a tangent regarding my thoughts on life, mommyhood, and the green factor that I desperately try and include in my lifestyle. While I have no problem with randomness, I am finding that I wish I was sharing a little more info on green living, and tips and tricks that help save money while keeping nasty chemicals far away from your family. I also wish that I had a set time to share my party ideas, that I love so much! So my goal...
A Schedule:

Monday- The Green Factor! Tips, and tricks for an eco-friendly lifestyle
Tuesday- Tutorial Tuesday! This will either be a  tutorial, a link to a tutorial.
Wednesday- Party day! He res where I'll share my latest party projects, or inspirations I have found
Thursday- My free day... who knows..
Friday- Finished Friday! My finished projects!

Now, please cut me some clack while I tr
y and get this all down, but this is my GOAL. Where I want to be... 
What do you think?

And.... just a peek at what's to come...

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