Monday, April 12, 2010

Make your own cleaners!

So today I will share a few DIY cleaners that I have found for around the home. If you know me, you know I HATE chemicals. They creep me out! And to top it off, I have incredibly sensitive skin and without fail, I always react badly to cleaners... so I try and use as many natural cleaners as possible around my home. 

Here's what I use:

Windows: Vinegar and water... yes, it works! Vinegar is AMAZING... I knew this, but then I found this , 1001 ways to use Vinegar!
Check out that page for so many ideas for non- chemical ways to get the job done!
Anti-Bacterial Cleaner: Tea Tree Oil and Water (fill up a spray bottle with water and add a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil) 
Floors: I mix Castille Peppermint Soap with water and scrub away. This one is particularly important to me because I have a little one crawling around on the floors... picking things up off the floors... and yes, sometimes even licking the floors! Despite how much this utterly grosses me out, at least I know she is not licking chemicals along with the dirt and left over chicken nugget crumbs. The Castille Soap is just Trader Joe's version of Dr. Bonners... which is another one of those Miracle cleaners.... you can use it for anything, and it smells great!

I Haven't had much success with natural dishwasher detergents, but I just read this post on a wonderful blog I check in on sometimes, and I will have to give it a try... I'll let you know how that one goes!

As for laundry detergent, I use Crunchy Clean... which I am now carrying!!! Whoo hooo! This is a work at home mom, making NATURAL detergent from her kitchen, and she has the yummiest scents to choose from... check out her website... I Love her stuff!
Try these out... ditch those harsh chemicals and enter the world of green living... wouldn't it be nice to know that if your kiddo were to enter the forbidden cleaner cabinet... it wouldn't kill them... they might just smell like Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, and Peppermint... just a thought!

Have a Green Day!

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  1. hi Ashley! cutest blog!!! I green clean too...adding lemongrass oil tricks me to thinking i'm using lemony pinesol-but better!!
    lets stay in touch-