Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ava's Alice Party

My oldest, Ava, turned five in August and per her request we had a Alice in Wonderland party for her. I didn't go over the top since we only had a small group, but it was the perfect party for her!

I was proud of the cake. It didn't turn out anywhere near perfect, but it was my first try and using fondant (actually home-made marshmallow fondant) on a large scale, and I thought it turned out pretty well! I will post more on this soon with recipes and tips.

Ava begged for an Alice dress, so I attempted to make one. I didn't get the apron part done, but the base dress was finished, and she seemed pleased enough with that. She picked out the fabric, a sparkly blue satin, not exactly 100% Alice, but definitely Ava! I have to say, the fabric was super annoying to sew with since it frays easily, but it all came together!

I bought some tea cups from World Market and tied them with little "drink me" tags that I made off the computer. I simply typed up the phrase and put it in a cute font, then printed on card stock and punched them out with a 2" scallop punch (a necessity if you don;t have one yet!) I then used a hole punch to create a place for the ribbon and tied them on using pink and blue ribbon, my new favorite color combo!

I had an assortment of tea pots gathered from me and my Mom and decorated them with the same tags.

I'll post a few more pictures tomorrow with some more details and a tutorial!!!

Also, some super cute creations for the upcoming market. I've kicked back in to creation and production mode and am SUPER excited about some new items I will be adding!

Farewell for today!

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