Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flower Girl Birdcage Veils

Flower Girl Birdcage Veils

My Sister-in-Law recently got married and asked me if it would be possible to make birdcage veils for the flower girls (one of which was my daughter Ava.) I said "of course!" So after a few google searches and blog raids I came up with some options. Needless to say, as I feel this applies to most tutorials, I added my own spin, and Ta Da!
Here are a few tutorials:

I found that for the little girls, the top corners definitely need to be cut to reduce the amount of gathering. I attached mine to some clear hair combs that I wrapped in satin ribbon to match the netting.

Once finished I made some flowers from ivory organza and the same netting.
organza (always use a synthetic material)
netting or tulle
matching thread
sewing needle
match or lighter

1. cut circles out of the netting and organza
2. singe the edges of the organza just enough to melt them and not burn them. This is a fine line and may take a little practice.
3. Layer the organza circles and netting to create the fullness and look you want.
4. start by sewing up through the center of all your layers then back through and knotting for security.
5. I then like to pinch my layers and sew through them to give a more flower-like look.

Once you have finished you can attach the flowers by sewing them onto the ribbon-wrapped portion of the comb.

Didn't they turn out darling! I was proud!!

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