Friday, January 8, 2010

Felt Playhouse Continued...

I promised more pictures and templates so here we go! As I mentioned earlier my original inspiration came from homemadebyjill. She did an adorable one for her son, and my mission began! I changed a few structural things, since my older daughter is 4, I needed to make one that was tall enough for her to stand up in, so I decided that I would have my husband build a PVC frame. The dimensions ended up being about 48" tall (on the short sides), front and back are 50" wide, and the sides are 36" wide. I got the felt at the Black Friday sale at Joann's, so it ended up costing about $35 for all the fabric, and I have lots left over for additional add-ons that I have planned! 

If you are looking at the front of the house this is the left 
hand side/ 
back corner. The tree was inspired by the one on Jill's blog, but came out looking alot different. 

This is the back side. I have alot more work to do here, but I have the "base" of a garden. The picture isn't that great, but on the bottom is about
 a 4" tall strip of brown felt to act as the dirt. I sewed the bottom and sides, and then about every 3" sewed a pocket in. This way the girls can pull vegetables out of the ground! I have carrots there already (you can see the bright green sticking out) and have plans to make onions, and potatoes. The tall plants are a pea plant and a tomato plant (Ava's 
favorite at Nana's house!), I still need to make t
he veggies to go on them!
Jill has the templates for veggies here and apples for the tree!

This is the left hand side. I got my inspiration from an etsy shop tha
t sells these, missprettypretty.
She has this adorable cupcake bakery that I knew Ava would love! So, this side has a cabinet that she will be able to display her cupcakes in and a table that she can set up or decorate her cakes and cupcakes on. I haven't made the cupcakes, cakes or decorations yet, but they will have velcro on the back so that they stick to the felt, but are easily moved.
Last picture for today! This is an up-close of the front mailbox and house numbers. I used my girl's birthdays as the house address. I drew out the numbers and cut them then stitched down the center. The mailbox opens for letters... another yet to come item! 

As I add items, as you can tell I have lots to add, I will post more pictures, templates and tutorials!

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