Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mod Podge Nursery Letters

I've had this project in the finishing stages for about.. hmm... 8 months now! Poor Marley, her room has been a bit neglected since our move corresponded with her birth. This is a super easy way to decorate a nursery, or kids room, to your style cheaply!
You will need:
Cardboard letters- I got mine from Paper Source for about $4.00 a piece
Decorative paper- I also used paper from Paper Source as
 well as recycled wrapping paper (yea re-purposing!)
Mod-Podge or PVC (Paper Source)
Sponge-tipped brush- I used a painting brush in these pictures because I can't find my sponge-tipped one (Moving!!). You can subb a painting brush, but the sponge-tipped ones are better!
Command Picture hanging strips

1. Lay your letter face-down on the wrong side of your decorative
 paper and trace around trying to get as close to the letter as possible.

2. Cut out the letter.
3. Brush your cardboard letter with PVC.
4. place the paper letter on the cardboard letter and press down carefully, being sure to align your edges. I like to start at the top and move down making sure there are no bubbles or ripples in my paper.

 5. This step is optional, but I think it looks better with it! Brush a layer of PVC on top of your finished paper. This seals the paper and gives is a glossy look. I brush a little around the edges to fill in any gaps too.

6. When you go to hang the letters attach a command strip to each letter and place it where you want it. These strips are great because you can adjust how the letter hangs, or even change the letters, and they remove from the walls without leaving any marks ( at least on my walls they did!)


  1. I've always wondered where to get those cardboard letters. I can't believe I have never been to Paper Source, it's in a really busy part of town, parking is hard, but I'm going now!

  2. Oh yes. Want me some. :)


  3. Very cute. Will have to check out Paper Source. Love the color scheme!


  4. these look great! i was glad to find this tutorial - i just bought the letters to spell school to put in our school room and am planning to do this to them this weekend!!!

  5. I think you can also get these letters at JoAnns or Michaels. I have wooden ones up right now and I think I will give it a try on them! Great Idea!